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A Case of Life . . .

Kitchen Sink area and Dining Room Both of you, who have been following this blog may have wondered about the pause in the updates.  After the beginning of the year, we got busy with various issues, but coming up to April, things settled down enough to begin refocusing on cooking.  However, that came crashing down March 30.   That morning, I woke up and took my shower.  When I got out, Peg asked me if the water was warm.  I responded, "Meh, luke warm."  She got up and headed into the Living Room.  "Oh, No!!"  A river was flowing down the hallway.  I quickly throw on some clothes, rush outside, and turn off the water to the house. I come back inside and we found that the Hot Water Heater busted and flooded Peg's Crap (Craft) Room.   View of the Kitchen and Dinette taken from the Living Room We quickly moved as much of her stuff out of the room and called the insurance.  The Mitigators came in and started drying out.  We found that the Water Heater took out Peg'