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Another Pea or Bean Recipe (Chickpeas)

Original: Aliter pisam sive fabam: despumatam subtrito lasare Parthico, liquamen et caroeno condies. Oleum modice superfundis et inferes . [Apicius 5.3.7] Translation: when they have been skimmed, season them with finely ground Parthian laser, liquamen and caroenum. Pour on a little oil and serve. [Grocock and Grainger] Ingredients: Chickpeas 2 Tbsp Liquamen Fish Sauce ½ tsp Laser (Asafoetida) C aroenum ( Grape Must Syrup) Reduced Wine and Honey Olive Oil Interpretation : Boil Chickpeas in Water then drain. Add Caroenum, Asafoetida, and Fish Sauce and mix together over heat. Drizzle with Olive Oil when served. Notes: Caroenum – Syrup made from Grape Must. To substitute, I reduced Wine by 1/3 and added Honey. Bibliography: Apicius: A Critical Edition with an Introduction and English Translation, Grocock, Christopher and Grainger, Sally, Recipe 5.3.7 , pg.2 13 , Prospect Books, 2006.  

Pullum Particum (Parthian Chicken)

Original: pullum aperies a naui et in quadrato ornas. teres piper, ligusticum, carei modicum. suffunde liquamen. uino temperas. componis in Cumana pullum et condituram super pullum facies. laser et uinum interdas. dissolues et in pullum mittis simul et coques. piper aspersum inferes. [Apicius, 6.9.2] Translation: Draw the chicken from the rear and cut it into quarters. Pound pepper, lovage, a little caraway, pour on liquamen, flavour with wine. Arrange the chicken pieces in a ceramic dish, put the sauce over the chicken. Dissolve fresh laser in warm water and put it straightaway on the chicken and cook it. Serve sprinkled with pepper. [Grocock and Grainger] DRESS THE CHICKEN CAREFULLY AND QUARTER IT. CRUSH PEPPER, LOVAGE AND A LITTLE CARRAWAY MOISTENED WITH BROTH, AND ADD WINE TO TASTE.  PLACE THE CHICKEN IN AN EARTHEN DISH POUR THE SEASONING OVER IT, ADD LASER AND WINE LET IT ASSIMILATE WITH THE SEASONING AND BRAISE THE CHICKEN TO A POINT. WHEN DONE SPRINKLE WITH PEPPER AND SERVE. [ V

Sauce Verte

Original: Take parcely, Mintes, Betany, Peleter, and grinde hem smale; And take faire brede, and stepe hit in vinegre, and drawe it thorgħ a streynour, and cast thereto pouder of peper, salt, and serue it fortħ. [Two Fifteenth Century Cookbooks, Cookery Book II, Harleian MS.4016, c1450 A.D.] Translation: Take Parsley, Mint, Betony, Pellitory, and grind them small; And take fair bread, and steep it in vinegar, and draw it through a strainer, and cast into it powder of pepper, salt, and serve it forth. Ingredients: 1 Bunch Parsley Leaves from 4 stems Mint Betony Tea Pellitory 2 Slices (Crust removed) Bread About 2 Tbsp Vinegar (Apple Cider) Pepper Salt Interpretation : Place two slices of Bread in a bowl and add just enough Vinegar to soak Bread. (About 2 Tbsp) Make a cup of Tea. Cut the stalks off of the Parsley below where the leaves start. Place Parsley in a Blender. Remove the leaves from the stalks of the Mint and add the Mint leaves to the blender. Start blending the Parsley and M

Principality of Cynagua Summer Investiture Feast

On April 17, I was approached to resurrect the Feast for The Principality of Cynagua Summer Investiture for July 16, 2022.  I was honoured to accept and immediately worked on putting the Band back together.  Several members of the Wrecking Crew already had commitments for the date.  (One was the actual Event Steward)  I added a couple of more members who had previously asked to participate and we started showing them recipes.   In June, we got a finalized budget for the Feast and a check cut late in the Month.  OMG, it's really happening!  I started fine tuning my shopping list. The it hit. The Friday before July 4th weekend, I came down with Covid.  My wife came down with it first, then myself and my daughter.  All of us had our shots and boosters so my wife and my symptoms were relatively mild.  Our daughter was asymptomatic.  However, this put a bind on the Feast.  We held an online meeting with the incoming Prince and Princess, the Event Steward, the Principality Seneschal, and