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Cormarye (Pork in Red Wine)

Original: Take colyaundre, caraway smale grounden, powdour of peper and garlec ygrounde, in rede wyne; medle alle þise togyder and salt it. Take loynes of pork rawe and fle of the skyn, and pryk it wel with a knyf, and lay it in the sawse. Roost it whan þou wilt, & kepe þat þat fallith þerfro in the rostyng and seeþ it in a possynet with faire broth, & serue it forth witþ þe roost anoon. [The Forme of Cury, XX.II.XIII, 53, c1390, From MS7 Ryland Library, University of Manchester, Rendered into Modern English by Glen Hughes, Derbyshire, England, Foods of England, 2016.] Take Colyandre, Caraway smale grounden, Powdour of Peper and garlec ygrounde in rede wyne, medle alle þise togyder and salt it, take loynes of Pork rawe and fle of the skyn, and pryk it wel with a knyf and lay it in the sawse, roost þerof what þou wilt, & kepe þat þat fallith þerfro in the rosting and seeþ it in a possynet with faire broth, & serue it forth witþ þe roost anoon [The Forme of Cury, XX.II.XI

Another Pea or Bean Recipe (Chickpeas)

Original: Aliter pisam sive fabam: despumatam subtrito lasare Parthico, liquamen et caroeno condies. Oleum modice superfundis et inferes . [Apicius 5.3.7] Translation: when they have been skimmed, season them with finely ground Parthian laser, liquamen and caroenum. Pour on a little oil and serve. [Grocock and Grainger] Ingredients: Chickpeas 2 Tbsp Liquamen Fish Sauce ½ tsp Laser (Asafoetida) C aroenum ( Grape Must Syrup) Reduced Wine and Honey Olive Oil Interpretation : Boil Chickpeas in Water then drain. Add Caroenum, Asafoetida, and Fish Sauce and mix together over heat. Drizzle with Olive Oil when served. Notes: Caroenum – Syrup made from Grape Must. To substitute, I reduced Wine by 1/3 and added Honey. Bibliography: Apicius: A Critical Edition with an Introduction and English Translation, Grocock, Christopher and Grainger, Sally, Recipe 5.3.7 , pg.2 13 , Prospect Books, 2006.  

Pullum Particum (Parthian Chicken)

Original: pullum aperies a naui et in quadrato ornas. teres piper, ligusticum, carei modicum. suffunde liquamen. uino temperas. componis in Cumana pullum et condituram super pullum facies. laser et uinum interdas. dissolues et in pullum mittis simul et coques. piper aspersum inferes. [Apicius, 6.9.2] Translation: Draw the chicken from the rear and cut it into quarters. Pound pepper, lovage, a little caraway, pour on liquamen, flavour with wine. Arrange the chicken pieces in a ceramic dish, put the sauce over the chicken. Dissolve fresh laser in warm water and put it straightaway on the chicken and cook it. Serve sprinkled with pepper. [Grocock and Grainger] DRESS THE CHICKEN CAREFULLY AND QUARTER IT. CRUSH PEPPER, LOVAGE AND A LITTLE CARRAWAY MOISTENED WITH BROTH, AND ADD WINE TO TASTE.  PLACE THE CHICKEN IN AN EARTHEN DISH POUR THE SEASONING OVER IT, ADD LASER AND WINE LET IT ASSIMILATE WITH THE SEASONING AND BRAISE THE CHICKEN TO A POINT. WHEN DONE SPRINKLE WITH PEPPER AND SERVE. [ V

Sauce Verte

Original: Take parcely, Mintes, Betany, Peleter, and grinde hem smale; And take faire brede, and stepe hit in vinegre, and drawe it thorgħ a streynour, and cast thereto pouder of peper, salt, and serue it fortħ. [Two Fifteenth Century Cookbooks, Cookery Book II, Harleian MS.4016, c1450 A.D.] Translation: Take Parsley, Mint, Betony, Pellitory, and grind them small; And take fair bread, and steep it in vinegar, and draw it through a strainer, and cast into it powder of pepper, salt, and serve it forth. Ingredients: 1 Bunch Parsley Leaves from 4 stems Mint Betony Tea Pellitory 2 Slices (Crust removed) Bread About 2 Tbsp Vinegar (Apple Cider) Pepper Salt Interpretation : Place two slices of Bread in a bowl and add just enough Vinegar to soak Bread. (About 2 Tbsp) Make a cup of Tea. Cut the stalks off of the Parsley below where the leaves start. Place Parsley in a Blender. Remove the leaves from the stalks of the Mint and add the Mint leaves to the blender. Start blending the Parsley and M

Principality of Cynagua Summer Investiture Feast

On April 17, I was approached to resurrect the Feast for The Principality of Cynagua Summer Investiture for July 16, 2022.  I was honoured to accept and immediately worked on putting the Band back together.  Several members of the Wrecking Crew already had commitments for the date.  (One was the actual Event Steward)  I added a couple of more members who had previously asked to participate and we started showing them recipes.   In June, we got a finalized budget for the Feast and a check cut late in the Month.  OMG, it's really happening!  I started fine tuning my shopping list. The it hit. The Friday before July 4th weekend, I came down with Covid.  My wife came down with it first, then myself and my daughter.  All of us had our shots and boosters so my wife and my symptoms were relatively mild.  Our daughter was asymptomatic.  However, this put a bind on the Feast.  We held an online meeting with the incoming Prince and Princess, the Event Steward, the Principality Seneschal, and

Daryols (Custard Pie)

Daryols, Forme of Cury, c1390 Original: Take Creme of Cowe mylke. oþer of Almandes. do þerto ayren with sugur,  safroun, and salt, medle it yfere. do it in a coffyn. of II. ynche  depe. bake it wel and serue it forth [The Forme of Cury, XX.IX.III, 183 , c1390, From MS7 Ryland Library, University of Manchester, Rendered into Modern English by Glen Hughes, Derbyshire, England, Foods of England, 2016.] Translation: Take Creme of Cow’s Milk, or of Almonds. Add Eggs with Sugar, Saffron, and Salt, meld it well. Do it in a pastry case of 2 inch deep. Bake it well and serve it forth. [The Forme of Cury, XX.IX.III, 183 , c1390, From MS7 Ryland Library, University of Manchester, Rendered into Modern English by Glen Hughes, Derbyshire, England, Foods of England, 2016.] Ingredients: 5 Eggs (Large)  1 Cup Milk 1 Cup Heavy Cream 1/3 Cup Brown Sugar 1/2  Cup Sugar Pinch Saffron 1/4 tsp Salt Cinnamon Sugar Coffin Crust Interpretation : Make Crust and blind bake in Pie Pan at 350 degrees for about 10 m

Morterol (Meat Stew)

  Original: Si vols fer morterol, fes bon brou de moltó e de gallines. Aprés hages cuixes de moltó mal cuites e capolades menut del magre, e carnsalada grassa e porc fresc e pa ratllat, aitant o menys un poc que la carn. E mit-ho a coure en una olla ab del brou gras. E quan deurà ésser èspes, assabora-ho de sal, e lleva’l del foc. E hages ous debatuts, per cascuna escudella dos ous debatuts, ab del morterol, e mit-lo en l’olla ben menat. E hages-los colorats de safrà.  Ítem, si vols fer de brou de gallines e de llet d’ametlles, en per estés guarda’t que el brou sia cuit; aprés hages les gallines e coguen ab carnsalada ensems; si el fas a hom sa, pots-hi metre moltó e porc. E fes-ho bullir ab llet d’ametlles així com dessús és dit. [El Llibre de Sent Sovi/The Book of Sent Sovi, XXXVII, c1325, Trans: Robin Vogelzang, 2008] Translation: If you want to make meat stew, make a good broth of mutton and chicken.  Then take undercooked mutton legs, with the lean part chopped up, and fatty salt

"The Feast That Wasn't"

  The Principality of Cynagua Winter Feast and Cancer Tournament was held on January 29, 2022.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the Indoor portion of the event was cancelled due to Covid, but the Wrecking Crew and myself could not let it go out with a whimper.  As a surprise, for Their Highnesses of Cynagua Cormac and Caoilinn, Their Majesties of the West Miles and Jitka, Their Highnesses of the Mists, their Court, and Caoilinn's Household we made the major elements of the feast for them to eat throughout the day.  Overall, it was very well received and I got positive reviews. Almonds and Olives:  Their Highnesses from the Mists kept asking for more Almonds throughout the day.  Their Majesties took home the leftover Olives. Bread and Fritters:  Bella Dona dei Sorci provided the Pa amb tomàquet (Bread) and Toronjas de Xativa que son Almojavanas (Fritters).  People loved it and I repeatedly saw people crunching on the bread or with powdered sugar on the corner of their mouths. Mor

Spice Box

While we were exiled from our home for almost half a year, my wife found a box for me that I could transport my spices.  It turned out to be the perfect size.  The box can fit 12 glass Spice jars from World Market and my cast iron grinder, if need be.  This beats taking them to events in a cardboard box and a mish-mash of containers.  

Proposed Feast Menu

The proposed Feast Menu for the cancelled event:   Cynagua Winter Feast and Cancer Tournament Tapes Olives Verdes Alinades (Marinated Green Olives) (V) Olives Negres Alinades (Marinated Black Olives) (V) Ametlles de romaní (Rosemary Almonds) (V) Primer Curs Amanida – Amaniment de vinagre i oli (Salad - Vinegar and Oil Dressing) (V) Pa amb tomàquet (Bread) Segon Curs Morterol (Chicken Stew) Espàrrecs (Asparagus) (V) Cirons Tendres (Chickpeas) (V) Tercer Curs Porc (Pork Shoulder)      Choice of Sauces:      Salsa Camillina (Cinnamon Sauce)      Salsa de Cervo (Pepper Sauce)      Llimonea (Lemon Sauce) Bolets amb Salsa de Bolets (Mushrooms) (V) Espinacs (Spinach) (V) Quart Curs Toronjas de Xativa que son Almojavanas (Fritter Balls)

We're Baaaaaack . . . .

Remodeled Kitchen When last we left our intrepid hero, his home was flooded and he was evacuated to a hotel for who knows how long. We now know how long:  5 1/2 months.  March 30 - Labor Day Weekend. It was a rocky road, but we are back in our home.  The mitigators, Service Master, did a good job.  CRBR who handled the restoration, not as much.  I am not going to get into a bashing session regarding it, but we had issues with indifference and their not taking care of our property.  Items were broken and we didn't get the last (hopefully) of our stuff back from their storage until almost Thanksgiving.  The glass broken tabletop didn't get fixed until this month.  January.  Needless to say, we are finally getting fully settled back in.  Peg's Crap Room is still the last to be finished.  Furniture pieces from IKEA are still not available due to Supply Chain issues, but once we get those, we should make quick work of the room. Just after we moved back in, I was approached by ou