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Period Food on a UDS

 I took the Drum Smoker to the Principality of Cynagua May Coronet 2023 and prepared several period dishes on it.  This is a post i made to Facebook at the end of the event. ----- Can you cook Medieval/Renaissance food on a Drum Smoker? Why, Yes! Yes you can. Scappi Ribs hanging in the UDS Along with period food, I'm also into BBQ. One of my goals was to build a Drum Smoker. It got me thinking, "Could this be applied to period food?" Specifically, bigger cuts of meat that would be cooked in fireplaces or an oven. Also, open fire is a particular danger and is mostly prohibited at event sites. I don't want to accidentally set CA on fire. A Drum Smoker is fully contained and can be easily shut down. It is al also portable . . . ish. It's large, but can easily put in a trailer along with other SCA camping gear. Friday Night: (Sauce Madame (Whole Chicken with Fruit and Herb Stuffing)) Friday went a bit Sideways. After getting camp set up, I find that I lef