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Sauce Madame

Original: Take sawge. persel. ysope. and saueray. quinces. and peeres, garlek and Grapes. and fylle the gees þerwith. and sowe the hole þat no grece come out. and roost hem wel. and kepe the grece þat fallith þerof. take galytyne and grece and do in a possynet, whan the gees buth rosted ynowh; take an smyte hem on pecys. and þat tat is withinne and do it in a possynet and put þerinne wyne if it be to thyk. do þerto powdour of galyngale. powdour douce and salt and boyle the sawse and dresse þe Gees in disshes and lay þe sowe onoward. [Forme of Cury] Translation: Take Sage, Parsley, Hyssop, and Savory. Quinces and Pears, Garlic, and Grapes and fill the Geese with these, and sew the hole up so that no fat comes out, and roast them well. Keep any grease that comes out, take the mix and the grease and cook it in a small pot, and put in Wine if it is too thick. Add to it Powdered Galangal, Sweet Spice Powders and Salt, and boil the Sauce. Dress the Geese is dishes and lay the Sauce over. [Fo