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Spice Box

While we were exiled from our home for almost half a year, my wife found a box for me that I could transport my spices.  It turned out to be the perfect size.  The box can fit 12 glass Spice jars from World Market and my cast iron grinder, if need be.  This beats taking them to events in a cardboard box and a mish-mash of containers.  

Proposed Feast Menu

The proposed Feast Menu for the cancelled event:   Cynagua Winter Feast and Cancer Tournament Tapes Olives Verdes Alinades (Marinated Green Olives) (V) Olives Negres Alinades (Marinated Black Olives) (V) Ametlles de romaní (Rosemary Almonds) (V) Primer Curs Amanida – Amaniment de vinagre i oli (Salad - Vinegar and Oil Dressing) (V) Pa amb tomàquet (Bread) Segon Curs Morterol (Chicken Stew) Espàrrecs (Asparagus) (V) Cirons Tendres (Chickpeas) (V) Tercer Curs Porc (Pork Shoulder)      Choice of Sauces:      Salsa Camillina (Cinnamon Sauce)      Salsa de Cervo (Pepper Sauce)      Llimonea (Lemon Sauce) Bolets amb Salsa de Bolets (Mushrooms) (V) Espinacs (Spinach) (V) Quart Curs Toronjas de Xativa que son Almojavanas (Fritter Balls)

We're Baaaaaack . . . .

Remodeled Kitchen When last we left our intrepid hero, his home was flooded and he was evacuated to a hotel for who knows how long. We now know how long:  5 1/2 months.  March 30 - Labor Day Weekend. It was a rocky road, but we are back in our home.  The mitigators, Service Master, did a good job.  CRBR who handled the restoration, not as much.  I am not going to get into a bashing session regarding it, but we had issues with indifference and their not taking care of our property.  Items were broken and we didn't get the last (hopefully) of our stuff back from their storage until almost Thanksgiving.  The glass broken tabletop didn't get fixed until this month.  January.  Needless to say, we are finally getting fully settled back in.  Peg's Crap Room is still the last to be finished.  Furniture pieces from IKEA are still not available due to Supply Chain issues, but once we get those, we should make quick work of the room. Just after we moved back in, I was approached by ou