Capouns in Councys

Take Capons and rost hem right hoot þat þey be not half y nouhz and hewe hem to gobettes and cast hem in a pot, do þerto clene broth, seeþ hem þat þey be tendre. take brede and þe self broth and drawe it up yferer, take strong Powdour and Safroun and Salt and cast þer to. take ayrenn and seeþ hem harde. take out the zolkes and hewe the whyte þerinne, take the Pot fro þe fyre and cast the whyte þerinne. messe the disshes þerwith and lay the zolkes hool and flour it with clowes.

[Forme of Cury, XXII, 1390]
Take capons and roast them hot that they be not half done and cut them in to pieces and put them in a pot. Add clean broth, seep them until they are tender, take bread and the same broth and bring them together, take strong powder and saffron and salt and cast there to, take eggs and boil them hard, take out the yolks and cut the white, take the pot from the fire and put the whites therein, serve the dishes with it and lay the yolks on top and flour it with cloves.
Capon (Chicken)
Chicken BrothStrong Powder (Poudre Fort)
Poudre Fort:
    1. 1 part Black pepper
    2. 1 part Cubebs
  1. 1/2 part cinnamon
  2. 1/4 part mace
  3. 1/8 part clove
Take Chicken and roast it until half done. Cut the Chicken into pieces and put the pieces into a pot. Add Chicken Broth and cook until meat is tender. Add Bread to thicken. Add Poudre Fort, Saffron, and Salt. Hard Boil Eggs. Remove and cut up the Whites and add to the pot. Lay the Yolks on top and add Cloves.

Concys seems to be a kind of known sauce. V. Gloss.
yfere. Together.

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