Principality of Cynagua Summer Investiture Feast

On April 17, I was approached to resurrect the Feast for The Principality of Cynagua Summer Investiture for July 16, 2022.  I was honoured to accept and immediately worked on putting the Band back together.  Several members of the Wrecking Crew already had commitments for the date.  (One was the actual Event Steward)  I added a couple of more members who had previously asked to participate and we started showing them recipes.  

In June, we got a finalized budget for the Feast and a check cut late in the Month.  OMG, it's really happening!  I started fine tuning my shopping list.

The it hit.

The Friday before July 4th weekend, I came down with Covid.  My wife came down with it first, then myself and my daughter.  All of us had our shots and boosters so my wife and my symptoms were relatively mild.  Our daughter was asymptomatic.  However, this put a bind on the Feast.  We held an online meeting with the incoming Prince and Princess, the Event Steward, the Principality Seneschal, and myself.  Even if I recovered enough by the time of the event, it severely cut into preparation time.

Fortunately, Master Turstan of Silverdale agreed to take over the Feast.  I passed the recipes and shopping list to him.  We discussed the concept and format for the Feast as well as particulars for the onsite preparation of recipes.  He stepped in at, literally, the 11th hour as Head Cook and did a wonderful job.  

Although I was sad not to be able to see it through to the end, I am happy that the Feast was able to happen at all.  I heard that the Feast was very well received with a common exclamation of, "Yummy."  I'll take that.

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