Celiandre (Coriander Sauce)


Si vols celiandre a s i com mostalla e dona s ab polls en ast , ab perdius a malalt, pren lo gra del celiandre preparat e ametlles perades, canyella, giiigebre, lava l, e sucre blanch, e pica ho tot fortment e destempra ho ab agror e ab dolcor, e val mes ab v i de magranes agradolca.

[El Libre de Sent Sovi, XXIII, Ed. Luis Faraudo de Saint-Germain, c.1325, 1952]


If you wish to make coriander as you make mustard - for a sick person serve it with roasted chicken or partridge – take the grain of the prepared coriander, peeled almonds, cinnamon, ginger, clove, and white sugar; and grind it all well, and mix it with verjuice and with sweetening.  It is better with the wine of bittersweet pomegranates.

[El Llibre de Sent Sovi/The Book of Sent Sovi, XLV, c1325, Trans: Robin Vogelzang, 2008]


Almond (Flour)
White Sugar
Verjuice (Red Wine Vinegar and Sugar)
Wine of Bittersweet Pomegranates


Grind Coriander, Almonds, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves and White Sugar and combine together.  Or you may combine pre-ground ingredients.  Mix with Verjuice or substitute red Wine Vinegar with added Sugar.  Add water to mix to desired consistency  Add Sugar to balance flavor to taste.


Coriander:  coriander, an aromatic herb (also known as cilantro), and the condiment that is prepared with its grains, almonds, spices, sugar and verjuice.

Grind it . . . sweetening: the mixture of corander, almonds, ginger and white sugar once ground, is dissolved using a liquid that adds acidity – wine of bittersweet pomegranate in this case or, as we read in the similar recipe 48 of the Llibre del Coc, <<juice of sour oranges and sweet white grapes, so it is not too sour>> (suc de toranges agres e raïms dolços e blancs, perque no sia massa agre).  The acidity in its turn, as we find in the Llibre del Coc, should be counterbalanced by sweetness.

[El Llibre de Sent Sovi/The Book of Sent Sovi, XXIII, c1325, Trans: Robin Vogelzang, 2008]

This recipe can be used as a Sauce or a Condiment, like Mustard.  Since I could not get Almonds from the bulk bins at the local Mega Mart, I used Almond Flour which worked quite well.  For proportions, I used one part Ginger, two parts Almond Flour, and four parts Coriander.  I just put a dash of Cloves in since we are not partial to the flavor.  I substituted the Verjuice with Red Wine Vinegar and Sugar and added a few Tablespoons of Water to get the desired consistency for the Sauce.  This came out very well and had a bright sweet tangy flavor.


“Celiandre.” In El Llibre de Sent Sovi / The Book of Sent Sovi: Medieval Recipes from Catalonia, edited by Joan Santanach, translated by Robin Vogelzang, 88-9.  Barcelona: Barcino-Tamesis, (c.1325) 2008.

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