Si vols fer mig-raust, mit gallina en ast. Aprés hages brou d’altres gallines, o del caldum d’aquestes d’ast, e fe’n bon brou ab carnsalada, aprés hages ametles perades e fe’n llet. E prin los fetges de destrempa’ls ab la llet. E mit-ho a bullir amb bones espècies: pebre e gingebre, clavells, canyella, e agror, sabor e sucre blanc; e fesho molt bullir. Quan les gallines d’ast deuran ésser cuites, esquartera-les e fets-les bullir en salsa tro que conegues que sien cuites; e feu-ne escudelles amb les gallines.

E, si dónes menjar blanc, pots donar ab aquesta salsa les gallines qui et romanen, ço és saber, caps e cuixes e alerons e anques. Emperò sosenga-les abans en la cassola ab greix de carnsalada, abans que sien meses dins la salsa.
[El Llibre de Sent Soví, V, c1350]



If you want to make half-roast, put chicken on a spit.  Then make broth of other chickens, or of the innards of those on the spit, and make it a good broth with salt pork; then take peeled almonds and make milk with them.  Take out the livers and blend them with the milk.  Set it to boil with good spices: pepper and ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and verjuice, flavor and white sugar; and let it boil a lot.  When the roast chickens should be cooked, quarter them and let them boil in the sauce enough so you know they are cooked; and distribute into bowls with the chicken.

If you serve white dish, you can serve with this sauce the remaining [parts of] chickens, that is, heads, thighs, wings, and legs.  However, fry them beforehand in the casserole dish with salt pork grease, before they are put into the sauce.

[El Llibre de Sent Sovi/The Book of Sent Sovi, V, c1350, Trans: Robin Vogelzang, 2008]


Sent Sovi

Salt Pork Bacon
Almonds Almond Milk
Chicken Liver
Verjuice Wine Vinegar/Sugar
White Sugar


Cook Chicken half way and remove.  Cook then grind up Chicken Liver, then add Broth, Salt pork (Bacon), and Almond Milk.  Set to boil and add Pepper, Ginger, Cloves, Cinnamon, Verjuice, and White Sugar.  Allow to thicken.  Cut up the Chicken and return it back in to the pan to finish cooking. 


I do not have a Rotisserie, so this dish was created entirely in one pan.  I cooked the Chicken half way then removed it from the pan leaving the rendered juices.  I cooked and ground up the Chicken Liver, then added the Bacon, Broth, and Almond Milk.  I set the mixture to boil to let it thicken and added the spices before returning the cut up Chicken to the pan.  I did not have any Verjuice, so I substituted Wine Vinegar with a little Sugar.  The dish came out very well, but I would allow the sauce to thicken more next time.


El Llibre de Sent Sovi/The Book of Sent Sovi, V, c1350, Trans: Robin Vogelzang, 2008

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